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Coaching the coaches

Learn what it takes to be a successful coach

We aim to grow great people and change your philosophy on success



Why are you coaching Rugby?

Are you coaching to

  • Teach

  • Give back to the game

  • Test yourself

At Revolution Rugby we strive to give coaches the invisible skills of coaching as well as setting them up to succeed.

We believe in growing  people and that starts at coaches and flows through to their players.

We focus on creating leaders and teachers of our coaches so they can instruct great values, structures and environments for their team and organisations to excel and most importantly enjoying the journey.

Helping coaches understand how to deliver sessions and skills while building relationships of care and trust within their teams. 


We also believe in going the extra mile thats why when you purchase a course you receive a rugby skill curriculum, session and season templates but also the opportunity of having interactive online Q and A with staff.

We aim to Grow Great People and change your philosophy on success


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